Dr. Bobby Lewis

    Bobby R. Lewis, DMD, MD


    Morning Lecture: Crime Scene Integrity

    Afternoon Breakout: Post Mortem Interval


    Dr. Bobby Lewis will be introducing the concept of crime scene integrity by the first responder; police, fire and EMS. As a result of his interest in this subject, he cofounded The American Institute of Crime Scene Integrity, an organization dedicated to developing national standards for the conduct of the first responder on the scene of a crime. This effort has culminated in a comprehensive educational program called PMI/CSI (Post Mortem Interval/Crime Scene Integrity), specifically designed to educate first responders on the importance of proper conduct and behavior on scene. Additional standards and educational programs have also been developed for hospital personnel in Emergency Rooms and Trauma Centers. His lecture will briefly touch on the following subject matters:


    Conduct of the First Responder

    Scene Safety on a Crime Scene

    Victim Resuscitation

    Declaration of Death

    Medicolegal Considerations

    Evidence Preservation

    Motor Vehicle Collision Scenes

    Suicide Scenes

    Drug Overdose Scenes

    Sexual Assault Scenes

    Mass Casualty Scenes

    Active Shooter Scenes

    Public Transportation Accident Scenes

    Military Accident Scenes

    Secondary Crime Scene – Hospital

    Secondary Crime Scene – Ambulance

    Evidence Chain of Custody

    Patient Consent

    Patient Privacy and Confidentiality

    Photography on the Scene of a Crime

    Legal Blood Draws

    Interacting with Next of Kin


    Public Records Request

    Information Request by Subpoena

    Deposition and Court Appearances


    His afternoon breakout session will cover the many aspect of Post Mortem Interval. The information covered in session will include recognizing the signs and symptom of obvious death.