Active Shooter 360

Hands on Training: Tactical Rescue Teams & Active Shooter Survival


Responding to an Active Shooter / Hostile Event (ASHE) presents considerable challenges for public safety agencies. Rapid threat mitigation and patient care require unique integration of Fire/EMS and Law Enforcement elements. Legacy response models are insufficient to provide the rapid care required to improve viability for ASHE victims. Tactical Rescue Teams (TRT) are utilized to balance threat considerations and victim extractions in response to a truncated time table. This course provides agencies with an overview of TRT planning, review of NFPA 3000, command and control review, and awareness level understanding of TRT operations in a warm zone. This course is an introduction to TRT operations.

TRT Lead Instructor: Brad Williams
Mr. Williams was the senior ranked Captain in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Division of Law Enforcement. He was assigned as the Statewide Mutual Aid Operations Chief and Special Operations Coordinator. His duties included the training and supervision of the Special Operations Group. He also oversaw the Disaster Response and RECON program, the Air Deployable Search and Rescue (ADSAR), the Preventative Radiation Nuclear Detection Program, Tactical Aviation program, Multi- Agency Response Teams, intra-agency Active Shooter training, and policy development. Additionally, he has served as a Training and Exercise Coordinator for over 20 years both within and outside the agency. He was chosen to serve on the Hurlburt Air Force Base Exercise Evaluation Team (HEET) as a subject matter expert in emergency response. Finally, he is a 42-year Fire Service veteran currently serving as Deputy Chief of Department for the Florosa Fire Control District. Mr. Williams has developed and promulgated Active Shooter Response and Survival protocols for major Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, and civilian agencies throughout Florida.

TRT Assistant Instructors
Dr. Hank Christen, George Collins, Kenneth Worley, DJ Folley, Ryan Christen, Mike Ross.



Health Care Facilities (HCF),  and other organizations may suffer significant disaster losses that greatly affect their well-being and financial security due to an active shooter crisis. To provide support, practitioners at the local level must have an understanding of Active Shooter/Hostile Events (ASHE) threats. Further, individuals must prepare for ASHE incidents and practice survival skills. The goals of this workshop are to enhance personal awareness and present skills-based training modules and activities.

Active Shooter Survival Lead Instructor:
Ryan G. Christen

Mr. Christen has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and is the Chief Operations Officer for AS360. He retired from the Fire Service as a Battalion Chief after 20 years in the career field. During that time, he served as Chairman for the Okaloosa County Joint Training Committee and developed the Okaloosa County Fire Rescue Organization Joint SOG for Active Shooter Response. In 2012 he was recognized by the American Legion as Firefighter of the Year for the State of Florida. He has also served as the Training Chief for Florida One Disaster Medical Assistance Team under the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS). Additionally, through his online public safety training company, Mr. Christen developed complex computer simulation programs to deliver training to responders around the world. Combined with his public safety experience Ryan Christen brings extensive and diversified experience to the AS360 team.

Active Shooter Survival Assitant Instructors
Dr. Hank Christen, George Collins, DJ Folley, Mike Ross.